Vatican Patrons of the Arts

Friday, November 4, 2022 - Saturday, November 12, 2022
$5,199 per person (LAND ONLY)

$600/pp ($1,200/per couple) Tax-Deductible Contribution
to Vatican Patrons of the Arts


$500/pp NON-Tax-Deductible Online Course Registration Fee


- As a pilgrim on this trip you'll be invited to be part of the Insiders Online Course offered through the Vatican. This online course runs (this!) September 2021 through May 2022. These classes are NOT obligatory, of course, but those who complete it will be presented with a certificate after completion. It is a phenomenal opportunity to learn more about the Vatican's world-renown art collection. 

- In addition to “what you’d expect” on a Lino tour in terms of visiting favorite churches, daily Masses, and eating at the best restaurants in Rome, here’s what we’ll do:

     * After- hours entrance to the Vatican Museums, including time in the Sistine Chapel exclusively for our group

      * Gala dinner inside the Vatican Museums

      * Tour of the Swiss Guard Barracks

      * Tour of the Apostolic Palace at Castel Gandolfo (the Pope's summer residence)

      * Reserved "Prima Fila" seating for the Wednesday General Audience
         This doesn't mean you'll get to shake the Pope's hand but you will be *right* up front


- This kind of trip is something that we've never done before -- and neither has the Vatican! -- and we couldn't be more excited. Classes start this September so let us know your thoughts by clicking below.

A Few Notes From Lino

- This trip is for November 2022; not this November (2021) but next year (2022).

- This will be like my regular “Lino Pilgrimages To Rome” with the added twist of partnering with the Patrons of the Arts program at the Vatican Museums. You can learn more about them at 

- The Vatican Patrons are dedicated to preserving and restoring the Vatican Museums. In return for supporting this effort, Patrons are granted exceptional behind-the-scenes access to the world-class work done inside the Museums. Patrons have always been organized into geographical chapters, but for the first time ever they are partnering with someone (me!) and allowing us access as a group. 

- It looks like the price will be $5,199/pp for LAND ONLY (meaning you will be responsible for your own flights, though we can help you coordinate them) in addition to a $2,000/pp (tax-deductible) contribution paid directly to the Patrons. I’m not asking anyone to put deposits down just yet. We are still finalizing some things, and the price may fluctuate. But I wanted to put it on your radar before I announce it publicly. You're welcome.

- In a couple of weeks, you'll be able to reserve your spot(s) on this trip with a $1,000/pp non-refundable deposit.

- Trip Insurance is available, and strongly recommended, because…have you heard of covid? Who knows what will happen with travel. You should be covered and we'll make recommendations on that, if helpful.