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When you register you will be offered the opportunity to purchase trip insurance. You are NOT required to have trip insurance in order to travel with us, but it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Perhaps like us, trip insurance is something you were likely to blow off in the past. But with circumstances and regulations constantly changing, it is our emphatic recommendation that you purchase a CANCEL FOR ANY REASON insurance policy. If something unpredictable should happen (pandemic anyone?) Virgilio Travel will be constrained by its Terms and Conditions. Translation: the money spent on trip insurance is the best way to ensure that if something goes sideways you recover as much of your money as possible, and have resources at your disposal to help cover unforeseen expenses.

Read these Insurance FAQs for more detailed information.


Although the easiest way to buy trip insurance (and probably the most competitively priced) is through the registration portal, you are NOT required to buy trip insurance via the registration portal. You may purchase trip insurance on your own, however please be advised that most trip insurance policies must be purchased within a very narrow timeframe of the first monies paid for a trip (i.e., the deposit). Therefore if you do not buy trip insurance through the registration portal but plan to purchase it through another vendor, you should begin shopping for a policy immediately after registering. 


Documents outlining the two different trip insurance offerings in the registration portal are linked here (ENHANCED PLAN and STANDARD PLAN). 


Please note that if you are a resident of Canada or the State of New York the ENHANCED PLAN is not available and will not be displayed. Currently no insurance companies are writing CANCEL FOR ANY REASON policies for these residents due to legal constraints in those jurisdictions. We would advise you to purchase the Standard TripMate Protection Plan offered in the registration portal or another general trip insurance product from a third party.

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