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LAND + AIR  ($5,999)

This package includes the entire itinerary AND round-trip economy airfare from New York (JFK). If you  select this option, your seat on the group flight will be confirmed. If JFK is not your home airport (or otherwise convenient for your to access), additional airfare from your home airport to JFK will also need to be arranged (see 'Connections' below). Upgrades to Premium Economy are at additional cost (see below). Upgrades to business class are NOT available through Virgilio Travel (see below).

If you elect to book a connection through Virgilio Travel, we will be happy to handle those details so that you are traveling on a single ticket and the experience is as convenient as possible. If you do NOT use Virgilio Travel to book your connection, you are welcome to purchase those flights on your own. You will then have 1 international ticket and 1 domestic ticket, as the two tickets cannot be linked. 

You can expect that upgrading to Premium Economy will cost an additional +$3,150/pp. Only a limited number of these upgrades are available and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis by those emailing to request them.


Upgrading to Business is NOT available through Virgilio Travel. If you are wanting to travel in Business class, you must choose the LAND ONLY option and book airfare yourself.  

LAND ONLY ($4,999)

This package includes the entire itinerary but does NOT include any airfare. If you select this option, YOU are responsible for making your own way to Tel Aviv, Israel to meet up with the group at the assigned date and time. 

** If you plan to upgrade your airfare into a higher class of service (Premium/Business, etc.) this may be the better package for you as we cannot guarantee better prices than what you might be able to find in the marketplace yourself. Please see the details under the LAND + AIR package for further information on upgrades and connections. **


All rooms are double occupancy unless a Single Supplement Add-On is purchased.  Persons traveling in a pair may designate the other traveler as their roommate during registration. If you are traveling solo and wish to room by yourself, you will need to select the Single Supplement Add-On at the time of registration. Please note that availability is limited and requests for Single Supplement cannot be honored after registration is complete. Otherwise, if you are traveling by yourself we will match singles with other singles of the same gender. It’s always works out well and usually new friendships come from it!


When you register you will be offered the opportunity to purchase trip insurance. You are NOT required to have trip insurance in order to travel with us, but it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. It is our emphatic recommendation that you purchase a CANCEL FOR ANY REASON insurance policy. 

Although the easiest way to buy trip insurance (and probably the most competitively priced) is through the registration portal, you are NOT required to buy trip insurance via the registration portal. You may purchase trip insurance on your own, however please be advised that most trip insurance policies must be purchased within a very narrow timeframe of the first monies paid for a trip (i.e., the deposit). Therefore if you do not buy trip insurance through the registration portal but plan to purchase it through another vendor, you should begin shopping for a policy immediately after registering. 

Documents outlining the two different trip insurance offerings in the registration portal are linked here (ENHANCED PLAN and STANDARD PLAN). Please read this carefully if opting to purchase trip insurance through the registration portal. If you choose to purchase trip insurance through the portal you will be required to pay the premium at the same time as the non-refundable deposit, and your policy information will automatically be sent to you after your registration.

Our Insurance FAQ is available here.

Please note that if you are a resident of Canada or the State of New York the ENHANCED PLAN is not available and will not be displayed. Currently no insurance companies are writing CANCEL FOR ANY REASON policies for these residents due to legal constraints in those jurisdictions. We would advise you to purchase the Standard TripMate Protection Plan offered in the registration portal or another general trip insurance product from a third party.


During the registration process you will see a Medical Information section that includes fields for your insurance policy and group number, along with other fields. Filling out anything on this page is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. If, however you have a food allergy or other medical condition of which we should be aware, we ask that you include that information in the appropriate field on that page before moving on to the rest of the registration process.

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